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Dual Carriageway

A Dual carriageway or dual highway is a type of highway on whom traffic coming from opposite directions is separated by a central reservation.

Dual Carriageway Signs

Some differences between motorways and dual carriageways

Although these two types of roads have some things in common, there are some differences. Here are some differences between motorways and dual carriageways.

  • Motorways only allow motorized vehicles, no pedestrians, cyclists, or motorbikes allowed.
  • Motorways don’t permit learner drivers, but on dual carriageways allowed.
  • Motorways don’t permit tractors and some other slow-moving vehicles
  • Motorways have the “M” designation before or after the road number, such as M1 or A1(M). The addition of the ‘(M)’ means the former dual carriageway (the A1) has been upgraded to motorway status

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